Authentic Apple Strudel from Perth

Apple Strudel Corica Pastry

G’day, mate! Corica Pastries here saying hello. If you’ve been to Perth, Australia, you would have heard our name, and probably countless times if you’ve ever lived in the city.

Some of our loyal customers would agree that you haven’t experienced the true delights of strudel until you’ve tried Corica’s infamous Apple Strudel. Corica Pastries have been creating delicious pastries for years now. Corica Pastries have served up countless strudels to customers from all corners of the globe at Northbridge cake shop in Perth, Australia. You only need to take one bite of Corica’s perfectly light and crusty pastry along with the fruity and creamy filling to agree it’s like heaven on a plate.

And now, that heaven on a plate has arrived in Indonesia, opening its store in our beloved town, Surabaya. Carrying the original recipes with high standards, Corica Pastries Indonesia located in the heart of Surabaya is dedicated to bringing about the same pastry eating experience to the city.

Corica’s Apple Strudel is widely famous for its delicate textures and delicious filllings of custard, cream and diced apple. Every part of the strudel is curated with high standards and consistency, that is what makes Corica’s Apple Strudel one of the best pastries ever created worldwide.

Isn’t it such great news that we now get to enjoy world class Apple Strudel in our city? For your information, we also serve other delicious pastries as well as cakes and various range of European bread. We look forward to seeing you at our store at Biliton 40A. See you around!

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