Watercolour Workshop with Pikapoppin

Watercolor Workshop with Pikapoppin

What do watercolor art and pastries have in common? They both need extra care and attention to details to be good!

Well, last weekend, we had a chance to collaborate with one of the best watercolour artists based in Surabaya, Priska Susanto, better known as @pikapoppin on social media. Priska has been teaching watercolour to younger artists who wish to become like her and we thought learning should be fun like enjoying something sweet from Corica. So, we had our first workshop at Corica last weekend. With total of 15 participants, we had our store swarmed by young creatives one Saturday afternoon.

It was great to see that we could accommodate these young art enthusiats to learn while enjoying our tea and sweet treats. We really hope that we could have more lovely gatherings like this at our store. Speaking of which, by popular demand, Priska is doing another workshop at our store this coming Saturday. We really look forward to having another great time with the participants!

P.S. If you did not register for the workshop, you can still drop by our store, as we will be open as usual.

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