Meet the new-comer: Small Apple Strudel

Meet the new-comer: Small Apple Strudel

Days to years, times to times. We are always dedicated to continuously innovate, simply to pamper you with our indulging signature selections. Your feedback has truly encouraged us to give you only the best. Thus, in this moment we proudly re-present our world famous Apple Strudel in smaller size. Let us introduce you Corica Small Apple Strudel!

The Small Apple Studel has now been officially launched and you can grab some in our store. What’s different from the whole Apple Strudel? In size comparison, this luscious new-comer is half sized to the whole one. But less in size does not mean less in taste. It is guaranteed that the small one is as scrumptious as the whole one!

Due to its tinier size, it makes this bundle of delicious pastry layers even more easily carried. Even though it is smaller in size than the whole one, you do not need to worry of its shareability as it is still shareable for three. Head over our store, grab some of Corica Small Apple Strudel, and share these heavenly taste creamy apple fillings in tastebud-indulging layers of our signature pastries.

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